The Revolutionary Bio-Degradable Sanitary Disposal System

The TerraCyclic Bio Bin is the only environmentally friendly sanitary waste disposal system as all components are biodegradable, nontoxic and deodorising.


The Bio Bin is a wall-mounted or free standing cylindrical unit that is ideal for tight spaces. The self-deodorising cartridges seal in sanitary waste and are quick and easy to replace. It removes the need for any complicated cleaning and requires minimal storage space.


The Bio Bin cartridge consists of a disposable cap, modesty flap and liner that are completely non-toxic and degradable. Because of the innovative design, environmental impact and degradability, the TerraCyclic Bio Bin has been awarded a Carbon Footprint Accreditation.


The design of the Bio Bin cartridges contains all waste products so that users and cleaning staff have no contact with unsanitary waste. And without the need for an external cleaning service, maintenance
is easily monitored and cartridges are refilled before any mess can occur.

Refilling the TerraCyclic Bio Bin is as simple as 1,2,3

  1. Insert a new cartridge into Cylinder Base.
  2. Remove the cartridge when full.
  3. Place the cartridge in any general rubbish receptacle.