Introducing Tossware® – Drink. Toss. Recycle.

Date: 09-Aug-2018

Introducing Tossware® to the Australian market. This unique range offers a combination of a 100% recyclable drinkware option that is stackable. This premium, semi-disposable range is able to be reused if required and is secure when stacked to make carrying easy and lowers the chance of spillage.


Stackable. The patented stacking feature lets you save space and makes it easier for you to carry more cups at once.

Shatterproof. The engineered shatterproof design keeps you worry-free of accidents that can happen with regular glassware.

Environmentally friendly. 100% BPA free and 100% recyclable.

Clarity. Tossware®’s unique combination of high quality polymer, specialised process, and purpose-built equipment produces a crystal-like clarity.

High-end appearance. The patented manufacturing process produces a thin rounded rim which delivers the look and feel of a high-end wine glass.


Beer Glasses. 118ml, 207ml and 532ml.

Tumbler/Vino. 355ml, 414ml and 532ml. Plus a 414ml stemmed option.

Champagne Flute. 177ml and 266ml. Plus a 177ml stemmed option.  


The lightweight Tossware® range is ideal for the hospitality industry, particularly with footy finals fever and the Melbourne Cup coming up, and wineries who run taste testing. Also suitable for any business who want recyclable glasses to reduce washing up whilst being environmentally friendly.



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