On Sale: 5% Off Commercial Cleaning Machines

Date: 05-Jul-2018

Looking for a new vacuum cleaner or large commercial floor cleaning machine? Enjoy 5% off* all machines purchased between 1 July 2018 to 30 September 2018.

Extensive range of machines available including vacuum cleaners, backpack vacuums, carpet care/extraction units, floor scrubbers, polishers and industrial sweepers.

Machines are simple, effective and reliable; perfect for restaurants, accomodation venues, schools, healthcare sites and more. Take a look are some of the more popular machines: 


The mainstay of the cleaning industry, the Shadow Vac has been in production for over 17+ years and is still regarded as the back pack of choice for professional cleaners. Its ruggedness and durability are the keystone trademarks without compromising on performance. For an additional safety feature, the Guardian features a RCD plug. Weighs 4.8kg, dust bag 4L.
$378.69 $398.62 STANDARD HA12923012



A unique, versatile, high quality mini floor washing machine, designed to clean different types of floors. The compact and hi-tech design enables the machine to be operated under shelves, cots, tables and chairs where other machines normally cannot reach. Available in a range of brush sizes like this 34cm with a solution tank of 4L. Battery powered version also available.
$4,121.10 $4,338 34CM HA10503207



Where traditional scrubbers are prone to the threat of bacteria growth in dirty water tanks, the AntiBac® tanks substantially prevent the growth via the proprietary recovery water tank featuring permanent antibacterial properties. The result is a more hygienic and safe machine, particularly in areas with stringent health concerns. Available in a range of brush sizes. Working speed to 4.5km/h, maximum operating time 140 minutes.
$10,823.07 $11,392.70 51CM HA99770062 



Hand-push sweeping machine with un-equalled sweeping performance – an intelligent solution for quick and easy cleaning. The dust is swept and collected into a self-collecting hopper with the aid of the main broom and side brush. The broom chamber is completely sealed with rubber sealing aprons which prevent debris falling out of the sweeper. Its compact design fits through any standard door and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Hopper capacity 40L.
$704.08 $741.14 HA10503217



*Terms and conditions apply. Pricing is ex gst. Discount of 5% applies to the Hako Australia range of products only. Offer applicable to orders placed between 1 July 2018 and 30 September 2018. Site Survey subject to staff availability.

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